Join us on a feast of a lifetime...

Cooking Classes

The experience is designed so that guests from around the world can taste the real Italy, it’s traditional recipes, whilst also enjoying some of the highest quality ingredients from artisan producers that the world has to offer. The concept centres around introducing both dishes and wines that complement each other perfectly with recipes that use only seasonal, local produce which is sourced from clean, responsible and sustainable farming practices. This allows for a natural balance to be reached between those who enjoy great food and the cycles of the natural world through produce seasonality, therefore sustaining the environment whilst helping in reducing toxic pollution and carbon emissions.

Our ingredients are sourced from a local farm that does not employ the use of any pesticides and produces crops using traditional farming techniques that have been passed down through many generations of families who have worked the land following this philosophy originating from Roman times. All dishes are carefully selected based upon the wines that each dish will be paired with. The dish is then prepared with guests led by the chef who oversees all aspects of its creation.

The events are conducted in a beautiful 12th century property which is located just above the main beach in Positano and enjoys some of the most stunning views along the entire Positano Riviera. To keep the experience personal and intimate, no more than 10 people can attend in this small, boutique venue which boasts a wine cellar offering one of the largest private collection of grape varietals in the south of the country. The wine cellar contains over 318 grape varietals that comprehend over 3000 labels from 1673 different wineries from all over Italy including the minor and major islands such as Lipari, Panarea or Sardinia and Sicily as an example.The cellar has been created over a 30-year period and contains over 9500 bottles covering a cross-section of varietals and wineries. The labels are rotated throughout the season so as to ensure that guests will always enjoy a diverse selection of wines and also explore how different territory, climate, sun exposure as well as some of the rarest varietals can taste if paired with dishes that compliment and underpin their structure as a whole.

Investing in local families who have been farming the land for generations has allowed Positano Home Cooking to evolve to where it is today, enjoying an international clientele who travel to this part of the country to specifically enjoy the culinary variety as well as the cellar pairings we offer. This is a place where you come to make real food whilst pairing each and every dish with wines that have been carefully selected to enhance and balance each and every course.

The Experience

Guests are greeted with a glass of chilled Prosecco Millesimato or Bollicina di Franciacorta upon arrival and introduced to the menu which varies each day. A selection of the dishes is made in line with the guest’s palate, taking in to consideration food intolerances and other dietary requirements. A cellar tasting is also conducted to select the red so that we can ensure that what is chosen is both in line with our guest’s palate as well as complementary to the selected dishes. In the event that someone does not like red wine, I am able to provide any reasonable alternative as a courtesy without any additional charge.

The focus of Positano Home Cooking is to serve the best clean quality ingredients whilst delivering world class service to ensure all guests who enjoy food and wine in this villa will take away with them knowledge, but also a beautiful and comprehensive experience in the world of Italian cuisine. The experience lasts on average between 4 to 5 hours, depending on the complexity of dishes and also the dynamics of each group, some may take longer than others, no day is the same as different dishes are prepared each and every time.

On average guests will enjoy approximately 10 to 14 different grape varietals between Prosecco, white and red wines, each selection is different thanks to the vast range diverse wines that the cellar contains. May that be an Amarone or Brunello di Montalcino to a Primitivo Riserva or Montefalco Sagrantino we will be more than happy to oblige our guests with opening bottles that they would not otherwise enjoy within such a setting and with such a varied menu which includes around 8 to 9 courses in general including desserts.