Hidden by the Apennine mountain range in Southern Italy, lies the ancient town of Volcei, known in modern age as Buccino. It’s ancient Olive Trees survive to this day to produce some of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil the world has ever known. Locals know this as Liquid Gold (L’Oro) the olives are farmed using traditional methods by Nino and his family, without use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using the Cold Press Extraction Technique in order to preserve phytonutrients. Typically harvested by hand, the remote location of Volcei provides clean air, free from modern day pollutants, thus assuring an outstanding quality Olive Oil. The small batches Nino produces ensure sustainability and environmentally responsible farming.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has notes of nutty flavours which come through on the palate along with a deep and full body as its flavour evolves. A delicate balance of both taste and aroma which has not changed in thousands of years.

| 13 Feb 2022